The purpose of this section is to provide standardized information on specific aspects of the analog to digital migration process. This section will be updated as we develop standards and procedures for implementing digital workflow systems. If you have any topics that you are specifically interested in learning about, email us with your suggestions and we will be sure to make such information available here.


Step 1: Evaluate your current technology.

Start by determining what your current technological capabilities are. There are numerous digital signing devices on the market. If your office has one of these systems, then follow the instructions in setting up your signature pad/system. If you do not have a proprietary system, go to step 2.

Step 2: Sign your signature.

Grab a plain piece of white paper and using a blue ink ball point pen, carefully sign your signature on it. You may have to do this several times to get a signature that is most representative of the manner in which you normally execute your signature. Alternately, you can send us a signed document and we will digitally map your signature into an electronic format.

Step 3: Copy or scan your signature.

Now that you have a signature that is most representative of the manner in which you would normally sign your documents, have your signature scanned to a picture (.jpg) or portable document (.pdf) file. Use a reliable scanner to obtain the scan and set it to the highest resolution. Make sure the scanner lid is resting flat on the bed to avoid shadows on the paper. Save the scan and name it [First Initial][Last initial]_sig.pdf or .jpg.

Step 4: Edit the signature file.

Open the saved file in a Photoshop or similar image editor. Most image editors will open a .pdf file. Using the editor, crop the image to just the signature area only. After cropping, use a color picker to remove the background color. Now save your image as a .png file. The .png format gives you a signature with a transparent background.

Step 5: Create a signature stamp in Adobe Acrobat.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, you may want to purchase a copy. Follow the instructions to create a new stamp using the new stamp tool.


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