Our prime directive at AEN-LLc is to assist our clients in developing digital workflow solutions that are socially responsive, eco-friendly and economically viable. Given the vast array of industries we service and the varied capacities required, there is no 'one-size-fits-all' solution. Scalability and socio-economic compatibility are prime considerations in the delivery of our services. Our key services include the following:

  • Analog to Digital Migration
  • Design of digital workflow systems
  • Digital Archiving
  • Curated eMail List Solutions
  • App Development Solutions
  • Website Development Solutions
  • Social Media Enhancements and Optimization Solutions


Analog to Digital Migration

Moving your organization from an analog culture to a digital culture using all-digital tools to manage and implement and deliver your services is a monumental task, and could cripple your delivery systems if the process is not carefully crafted to integrate seamlessly into your existing culture.

Once you have obtained buy-in from your employees and stake holders, you now have to work with your suppliers and clients to structure a system that integrates into their organizations.

At AEN-LLc, we have perfected a formula that enables us to analyze your supply chain, production systems and delivery procedures to design, deploy and implement an efficient migration from your current analog based organization to a digitally efficient organization. Our systems will help you improve your bottom line.

Design of Digital Workflow Sysytems

Converting to digital workflow systems is no longer optional. The question is no longer 'if', but 'when?' AEN-LLc will study the workflow systems your organization has in place and design digital systems that leverage the habits of your employees. Our approach reduces the learning curve and therefore reduces your migration related costs.

Digital Archiving

Over the course of time, organizations develop significant amounts of asset from prior transactions. These assets include, but are not limited to operational sensitive documents such as tax returns, receipts and contracts. At AEN-LLc, we have developed the requisite tools to help your organization create a searchable database archiving system for such assets.

In developing your archiving system, data retrieval is given a high priority. The archiving system also takes into consideration a fluid process for the insertion of new data into the system, thereby seamless integrating your old system with your new system.

Curated eMail List Solutions

The level of success of any business venture is directly proportional to its ability to reach its target market. We offer curated email address solutions to businesses and individuals who desire a micro targeted email database for their marketing efforts. Our email address campaigns are designed to match the needs of the client. We build each database to the specifications of our clients. Our curated lists are available as email only or as fully curated with the email address, company name as well as the first and last names of the target individual. The final product can be delivered in any one of several popular solutions including csv, xls and txt.

We also offer un-curated email lists for mass marketing. These lists are generally suitable for the marketing seeking to reach a large audience, and does not have specific demographic or business needs to meet.

Contact us for more information.

App Development Solutions

In a digital world, the ability to output content to a variety of devices is critical to reach audiences. More critical, is the ability to reach audience where they are. With the proliferation of smart solutions such as tablets and smart phones, more people are getting their content on mobile devices. As these devices become more affordable, audiences will be consuming their content on these devices. With so many different target devices, businesses need to deploy several solutions to reach their audiences.

Our App develpoment solutions are targeted to meet the demands of the mobile device user. We provide state-of-the-art solutions such as Sensa Touch and Phone Gap to help our clients create and package their message in consumer friendly interfaces.

Website Development Solutions

The design and deployment of websites has never been easier than it is now, with the availability of free Content Management Systems such as Wordpress and Joomla. For the casual user, a simple installation of Wordpress or Joomla is more than adequate to meet their needs. However, most domain hosting services do not provide out of the box installation of these CMS services. That, is where we come in.

Our website development solutions include the following:

  • Installation of CMS system. We prefer Wordpress
  • Customization of CMS systems
  • Installation of plugins to extend CMS functionality
  • Installation and management of eCommerce systems
  • Website maintenance solutions are available on demand.

Social Media Enhancements and Optimization Solutions

  • Facebook Page likes Promotions
  • Facebook Page Design and Implementation
  • Twitter Follower Promotions
  • Twitter Background and Header Design and Implementation


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