Our products are designed to improve your bottom line, from creating a single document to a global transitioning of your systems. Our products leverage sustainability principles to create environmentally sensitive Information Technology solutions for your organization. Our products include the following:

  • S.I.T.
  • Sigma-Phi



S.I.T. is an acronym for the process of integrating information technologies with sustainability principles, and stands for Sustainability + Information Technologies.

S.I.T. leverages existing information and imaging technologies to create an all digital work flow that eliminates the use of paper technology. Implements the entire process of project procurement, development and management in the digital domain. Enables diverse digital imaging and creativity formats to be effectively leveraged in the design, productivity and document control process.


Sigma-Phi is our proprietary digital integration system that leverages existing technologies in a unique combination that creates a new platform designed to decrease deployment time and enhance your profitability.

Sigma-Phi, by re-purposing existing technologies radically changes the traditional work flow. The following technologies are leveraged by Sigma-Phi workflow systems:

  • Tablet Technology
  • Office Productivity Software
  • Portable Document Formats
  • Cloud Storage and Sharing Technologies
  • Web Based Collaboration Tools
  • Digital Communication Tools

In the Sigma-Phi process, the document is created in the digital domain, transmitted for review, finalized and signed on Sigma-Phi compatibile devices. Multiple signatures are acquired by sending the original copy in series to the different parties. After the final signature is obtained, the final document is sent to all recipients. The final copies maintain the clarity and integrity of the original. All this is done in the digital domain. At no time does the document leave the digital domain. And because the final document is non-modifiable and non-destructible, it is better than its counterpart in the analog domain.


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