Paradigm shift. These two words define to a large extent the changes we are witnessing in our culture. As the proliferation of smart phones and tablets increases, our dependency on these tools and the Apps that come with them as a means of obtaining and sharing information becomes more the norm than the exception. That is where aen-llc comes in.


We offer our clients an opportunity to get ahead of the curve by providing digital-centered services including the following:

Digital Document Management & Controls.

Create once, deploy ad infinitum is our motto. Once you have designed and created an optimized system, you never have to repeat the process again. Subsequent systems can be copied from a system template in seconds.

Social Network Deployment.

The success of any business is dependent to a great degree on its ability to remain relevant in social media and engage consumers and potential clients in the places they visit on the digital domain. More consumers look to the internet as a means of validating a company's relevance to them and the services that they seek. A well implemented social media presence enhances profitability significantly.

Digital Marketing Strategies.

Developiing a social network strategy yields several by-products that enhances a company's ability to market its products and services. Through the social networks we develop for our clients, we integrate contact information collection modules that allow our clients to develop an active email marketing campaign.

We also offer our clients the option of engaging our services to develop highly targeted email lists using our various tools and partner companies. Our targeted email lists are designed and developed specifically for our clients. To be precise, these lists are curated to meet the clients needs.

Socio-economic conscious deployment.

In developing programs for our clients, we are mindful of the socio-economic impact of decisions we make with our clients. We are therefore very careful to make recommendations that support our motto of developing intelligent solutions to enhance quality, performance and profitability.

Eliminate the use of paper.

Above all, we are committed to saving our planet for future generations by designing solutions that help reduce, and possibly eliminate the excessive waste of our natural resources by reducing, and possibly, eliminating the use of paper.


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